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REROUTING I’M BACK! Hey guys!! Ughhh…I’ve missed this outlet so much! Ya’ll know that writing is a huge passion of mine and while I’ve continued writing privately, I needed to step back publicly. After last year, the very natural thing to do (to preserve mysanity anyway) was to delve into my business and ensure that […]

Hair Blog: Post Heat Hair Treatment

  Hair Blog: Post Heat Hair Treatment   I know you guys have been waiting very patiently (not lol) for some hair tips from me so here you go!!! First things first, I actually hate putting heat on my hair and before I started filming for WAGS, I would probably only get my hair straightened […]

Girl Power

Girl Power When I was younger I considered myself a bit of a guys’ girl. Throughout middle school and high school, aside from Catasha and my best friend India, I found it easier meshing with the guys, clowning with the guys, having drama-free fun with the guys and just feeling accepted without judgment, with the […]

Hair Blog: Moments with Micah

Hair Blog: Moments with Micah Happy New Year guys! I just wanted to introduce ya’ll to one of many Moments with Micah to come! Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Micah is the ultra-incredible talent behind Ashley’s and my hairstyles throughout Season One of WAGS Miami. What I love most […]

Just Breathe

When I was younger and would go through typical teenage drama or issues, it was very hard for me to see past it. I would carry the stress of it like a backpack and constantly worry whether the circumstances would ever change or if I’d have to live my life standing in it like quicksand […]